Hi, My name is Kye

Do it with a smile.


Quanto cazzo  è bella


22. April 2014

"So what do you say Jesey?" Luke said looking up at you from his one knee. You looked around,everyone was here. Your eyebrow twitched as your eyes shifted from Luke to the crowd "I’m sorry…" You choked as you fled the scene, tears forming in your eyes. You took a taxi home and packed your things, you wouldn’t be able to face Luke and the other boys when they got home, so you left. You went to what you liked to call your ‘safe place’ it’s was your parents old home, they still owned it but no one stayed there unless it was a family occasion. You threw your bags in the passage as your fingers traces the pattern on the banister, you remembered the time when you were 4 and your arm got caught in there. You made your way to the back garden it was spacious, quiet, just how you liked it. You sat on the old swing that your grandfather set up for you as you started to cry "I love Luke," you whispered to yourself "Why didn’t I just say yes?" The truth is you panicked. You’ve always hated crowds and Luke’s gesture just triggered something in you. You looked up to watch the sunset when you saw Luke looking at you from the back door "I figured you’d be here," he said giving you a light smile as he made his way over to you "I’m sorry," you said, your throat dry "I know," Luke said as he say down on the swing next to you. You breathed in heavily before turning to Luke "Yes," you said exhaling giving him a small smile "Well excuse me Jesey," Luke chuckled a little bit "But I don’t think I asked you anything yet." Luke got up from his swing and got on one knee in front of you "Jesey," he said smiling at you, his face beaming "Will you marry me?" Unable to say anything you flung yourself forward into a tight hug "I love you Luke Brooks," you whispered in his ear "I love you too Jesey," Luke breathed into your neck.